Nerolina Coconut Soy Wax Candles


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The Nerolina Soy Wax Candle is a scent to savour, with gentle fruity and floral notes that evoke springtime meadows and balmy evenings with your loved ones.

Carefully hand-poured and lovingly blended, this candle makes the perfect gift for someone special – whether that’s a friend, a partner, or yourself.

The Scent: Australian 100% Nerolina essential oil.

The Ingredients: Professional grade, natural hydrogenated soy wax with green vegetable based dye and Australian 100% Nerolina essential oil along with a cotton wick.

To enjoy and obtain the best results when using your candle, make sure you allow the wax to melt across the entire diameter of your candle on the first burn. This is called the memory burn, which usually takes about 1-2 hours. Doing a proper memory burn ensures you will get the longest life and cleanest burns out of your candle. Burn time is approximately 40hrs. Please ensure you burn your candle in a well ventilated area and our of reach of pets or children. A candle should not be lit any longer than 3-4 hours at a time.


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