A Memorable Experience: My time at the 2024 Australian Soaping and Candle Conference

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Australian Soaping and Candle Conference

I recently had the pleasure of attending the 3rd Australian Soaping and Candle Conference in the scenic Brighton Beach, Victoria, Australia. Hosted with great care and lots of hard work by Rhonda Nelson and her husband, Chris, the event was a testament to their dedication to supporting other like-minded businesses.

One of the highlights of attending the conference in person was the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals, including some notable guest speakers. Kirsty Allen, known as the Candle Business Coach, shared her journey to becoming the Candle Business Coach, which was truly inspiring. I was touched by her personal story and left her session feeling empowered to take my craft to the next level. It was wonderful to finally meet Kirsty in person, as I’ve come to know her quite well and admire her advocacy for kindness, something that aligns with my own beliefs.

Another standout speaker was Felicity from Long Story Short Design, an Australian print and design company. Felicity, who works with Long Story Short Design, graciously flew in from Hawaii to share her expertise on branding and packaging for handmade products. Her passion for design and commitment to supporting small businesses left a lasting impression on me and many others in attendance.

And let’s not forget Marie Rayma from Humblebee & Me in Canada. Marie’s innovative approach to formulating lotions and beauty products has earned her a dedicated following, and her session at the conference was no exception. Marie’s presentation was both informative and inspiring, offering valuable insights into the intersection of creativity and formulation. I’m eager to put what I’ve learned about lotion formulation into practice and will share my results with you.

Of course, the workshops themselves were also a highlight of the conference. From mastering the art of measuring candle vessels to determining the correct wick size and crafting diffusers for cars or rooms, there was something for everyone. I found myself fully immersed in each session, eager to absorb as much knowledge as possible and apply it to my own crafting endeavors.

Overall, the 3rd Australian Soaping and Candle Conference was an unforgettable experience. I left feeling motivated and inspired, armed with new skills, insights, and connections that will undoubtedly enhance my journey in the world of soap and candle making. My heartfelt thanks go out to Rhonda Nelson and her husband for their hard work in organising such a fantastic event, as well as to the guest speakers whose expertise and passion truly enriched the experience for all attendees.

Next year, Rhonda is bringing the Australian Soaping and Candle Conference to Brisbane. It will be held over a 2-day event in May 2025.  For more information, you can find everything here:  https://australiansoapingandcandleconference.com/



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