Welcome to Blossom Gum Soapery!
I'm Chrissie, the passionate creator weaving the essence of the Australian bush into handcrafted soaps and candles.
Embark on a journey with Blossom Gum Soapery, where my love for nature and a rich cultural tapestry shape each handmade soap and candle. Born in the tranquil town of Cooma, my odyssey began when my family moved to Papua New Guinea at the age of nine. Raised by New Zealand parents, my mixed heritage enriches my connection with the world.
My fascination with essential oils deepened during my studies in Aromatherapy. This knowledge led me to recognise the immense value and benefits of the Australian Bush. It's truly remarkable to consider that the Aboriginals, with their ancient wisdom predating modern knowledge of aromatherapy, recognized the profound benefits of native Australian plants, using the very essence of the land in ways that continue to resonate with people today.
Blossom Gum Soapery is more than a brand; it's a testament to my belief in the transformative power of natural ingredients. Each product is a labour of love, blending my studies in Aromatherapy, cultural influences, and a tribute to the Aboriginals' recognition of the benefits of native Australian flora. I love to connect with people through local candle and soap meetups, and hope to start creating community-based workshops in the near future. Join me on this aromatic journey and embrace the transformative magic of essential oils and the rich heritage of the Australian bush.
Customer Reviews
My whole family loves these (Eucalyptus Blue Gum Shower Melts)! Best way to clear your head ready to start your day.
Michelle Hilton-Moon

Love the smell, colour and how the Kunzea and Hemp Artisan Soap lathers! It feels so good and gentle on the skin as I have sensitive skin. I love that it is made with all natural ingredients and uses Australian essential oils.
Carolyn Sinclair

Absolutely love my Blossom Gum Soapery candle - its enchanting floral nerolina scent creates a soothing atmosphere, and the beautiful packaging adds a touch of elegance to any space.
Felicity McDonald

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